Diana Lewis, Home Owner 20131126 : Recommends this business, Professional and reliable, fast service, quality workmanship at very competitive prices.

D Pur, Home Owner 20140102 : I hired Bob to complete the Electrical work in my unfinished basement (Wiring, Outlets/Switches, Pot lights) He was very knowledgeable and always took the initiate to put safety first. He was quick and reliable. I would definitely contact Bob again in the future for any Electrical work.

Salim Kara, Home Owner 20140325 : Recommends this business, Prompt, reliable and satisfactory service with reasonable charges, I am recommending you to all my family, friends and colleagues, Keep it up Bob!, Best wishes.

Milo Mostoles, General Contractor 20140326 : I bought my pot light from Raf Pro, it has a better quality and also better price than the one in other wholesaler.they are a small friendly vendor that you count on their service. the housing they offer is without any doubt is the best I’ve ever work with.

A Aram, Home Owner 20141030 : I highly recommend Raf Pro Company, to anybody who is looking for a professional electrical contractor. Bob has rewired my whole house and also installed pot light for the main floor. I am very satisfied for the fast and clean services that this company provided me. They are so reasonable in pricing as well.  I also bought LED bulb from this company which was good quality and cheaper than anywhere else.

Glen Payne, General Contractor 20181020 : Bahram has been nothing but exceptional with his service and expertise. I am a local contractor and have historically had difficulties finding reliable trades to work with. Once I found Raf Pro I have used him for all of my electrical needs.

Stephen Yap, General Contractor 20181114 : Bahram (Bob) has helped my renovation team on numerous projects over the past 4 years. He is a qualified and reliable electrician. When we schedule a date and time he has always showed up and kept his word. This is a rare quality in this industry and my team is thankful for people like this. Thank you, Bob for your commitment and dedication to your craft!

Reza Ghaemi, Home Owner 20181120 : He is the most reliable and knowledgeable electrician i have ever got to know.


Diane, Home Owner 20181208 :Bahram has done electrical jobs for me for 5 years. He is a master electrician and is very fast and competent. It is hard to find such an honest hardworking person. He does not attempt to oversell you and installs exactly what is needed. He is also punctual which for me is extremely important.