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4” Pot lights

Our company offer excellent quality 4” Pot lights AT Wholesale Prices on 3 models housing and 8 models Trims. To Receive more information , Order and Prices please contact us.
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Pot light Housing Product:


4″ Remodel housing (Retrofit)
Excellent Quality Low Price, ( Wholesale Price ) Warranty


New construction housing
Excellent Quality, Low Price ( Wholesale Price ), Warranty


4inch IC airtight housing
Excellent Quality,Low Price ( Wholesale Price ), Warranty

Pot light products by Trims:

We offer the sale and Installation of 8 pot-light trims at highest quality and lowest market price Cheaper than Wholesale price . Reseller , Installer, Contractors, welcome. Special and even more discoun on high quantity orders.
Available Pot-light Trims To order:
• PLT441WH
• PLT401WH
• PLT402FS
• PLT404WH
• PLT405AL
• PLT403CL
• PLT404CL
• PLT401BK

Pot Lights ( Recessed Lights )

Pot Lights or recessed light also known as downlight is a light fixture usually installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. When you have a pot lights installed it appears to have shining light coming from a hole in the ceiling, focusing the light in a downward direction as a broad floodlight or narrow spotlight.
There are two parts required to install and have a pot lights, First is the Housing and second is the Trim.

Pot Light Housing:

The housing is the fixture itself that is installed inside the ceiling and contains the lamp holder, which is not visible after the finishing job

Pot lights Trim:

Basically Trim is the portion of pot light that is visible, which is the insert that seen when looking up into the fixture, it is also includes the thin lining around the edge of the light.
Recessed lighting styles ( Pot Light Trims ) have evolved with more manufacturers creating quality trims for a variety of applications. You can find various type of pot light’s trims and housing in our product page offer by Raf Pro Inc. Directly to all Wholesaler, Contractors and Consumers at Highest Quality and competitive market price which would serve everyone needs. Please check our product page or contact us for more information about pricing, installation, etc.

Types of housing

In Canada North America , recessed housings Pot light Housing generally fall into one of four categories. however mostly 3 are use.
IC rated new construction housings insulation contact are attached to the ceiling supports during the construction before the ceiling surface is installed. If the area above the ceiling is accessible these housing can also be install from within the attic space. BasicallyPot lights IC housings has to be installed where insulation will be in direct contact with the housing. Most IC housings are rated to a 75-watt maximum.
• Non-IC rated new construction housings use the same way as the IC rated new construction housings, the only difference is they do not require to be on contact with insulation, however at least 7.6 cm 3 inches space from insulation is required. Non-IC pot light’s housings are mostly rated up to 150 watts.
• IC rated remodel housings : These type of housing are used in the existing ceilings where insulation will be present and in contact with the fixture.
• Non-IC rated remodel housings are also use for existing ceilings where there is no insulation is available, However just like the Non-IC New construction housing, these also require that to be install without any contact with insulation and at least 7.6 cm 3 inches spacing from insulation. Sloped-ceiling housings are available for both insulated and non-insulated ceilings that are vaulted.
The main feature of the housing is designed to ensure that no flammable materials come into contact with the hot lighting fixture. Badly-housed downlights can be a fire hazard, though all newer ones contain a self resetting thermal switch for safety.
The housings come in various sizes based on the diameter of the circular opening where the lamp is installed. The most commonly used sizes are 4, 5 and 6 inches in diameter, with 4 inch IC New Construction units less readily available at present. Smaller housings (2 and 3 inch) are also available for specialized uses.

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